Jane Cooper - The connection to Alzheimer's

roses, from bud to fully open

Having a parent diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease late in his life was an experience that changed my life. What unfolded through out that journey, opened my eyes to the power of Alzheimer's disease and it's ability to strip away a human from the person we knew and had come to cherish. I have never experienced a disease with this form of power. The true nature of our father daughter relation ship allowed me, to want to step up and contribute to a dad who was starting to deteriorate. Through out that journey we gradually changed roles. I became the parent and he became the child. That was until, one day his time, on this earthly plane, was complete January 2009.

Adversity and the gift

From catastrophe and adversity came the gift to write. Adversity has many benefits if you know how to use it and understand its purpose. Creating something for the use of others has been the out come of my experience. I have been blessed enough to be a frequent speaker on B.B.C. Essex Radio. I have spent the last few years writing a book about how to overcome the ordeal of a parent being diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and its impact on the life of a family in it's sudden demands of the early stages of the disease and soon to be released the little reg books. (REG signature)

From the experience

I have started educating people about this disease and about the changes that families are going to experience as the mind and body of their loved one, close's down, one by one before their very eyes and how to manage the crisis. There is not enough information about the choices and decisions or support that have to be made or information on the reality of the situation written in an honest way that others will be able to understand.

I have created useful tools, educational programs and specific methodologies that really work. The benefit of my experience is to be able to guide you through your own journey as to what lies ahead but more importantly what questions you need to ask through out the process.

A note from the author

Transformation can come from illness, a revelation or adversity. Once we cut through the Bull t! and we start our own journey, we begin to become the person we were born to be.. The experience of adversity and its true meaning, you will remember for the rest of your life.